Adelup cuts budget request for fiscal year 2021

Adelup (PNC file photo)

GovGuam is asking for a reduced budget for fiscal year 2021.

Senator Joe San Agustin, who chairs the legislature’s appropriations committee, announced during a press conference Wednesday afternoon that the budget request for FY2021 is around $775 million dollars — a major decrease from the Governor’s original budget request of around $824 million.

For revenue projections, there are still unknowns in terms of the economic outlook of Guam in the coming months. But for now, projected revenues are at around $774 million.

San Agustin says the government is not exempt from the impact of COVID-19 and as businesses bear the brunt of the pandemic so does GovGuam.

Earlier, Senator Therese Terlaje continued to seek more financial information from the administration in order to prepare for the upcoming FY2021 budget session.

“I am concerned that session has been called for Monday, yet we have not received adjusted revenues or agency appropriations,” Terlaje said.