Adelup denies claims that Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio smokes ice


Guam – Troy Torres dropped a bombshell accusation last night, detailing drug use by high profile public figures and Adelup staffers, the latest revelation could have serious implications.

Three years ago, Lieutenant Governor Ray Tenorio allegedly smoked ice, this is the latest allegation made by the former Governor’s Spokesman Troy Torres.

“It’s third party information it was a federal informant who is close to my family sold methamphetamine and watched Ray Tenorio smoke it in front of him,” claimed Torres.

Torres says he doesn’t have hard evidence but shared the first name of the informant whom he says can corroborate the accusation. To respect the privacy of the informant and to protect his identity we are withholding that information.

While Torres is unsure if the Lt Governor Ray Tenorio continues to allegedly use, he points out that Ray was absent from the office frequently and lost a lot of weight.

But the accusation that the Lieutenant Governor smokes ice is not only being made by Torres. A PNC Source has shared that he also witnessed Ray Tenorio smoke ice nearly ten years ago and that the Lt’s alleged drug habit is an “open secret.”

“I think he said three years ago so he should still be subject to a hair follicle test so I think the Lieutenant Governor should submit to a hair follicle test and so should Josh Tenorio,” requested Torres.

Torres has also alleged that Lieutenant Gubernatorial candidate Josh Tenorio bought ecstasy which they called “cookies” from a former newspaper editor so that the two could “party” together. This took place in 2005 at Speaker BJ Cruz’s home while Cruz was off island.

Josh Tenorio has since denied the allegations, stating that the allegations are untrue they are timed to distract from tonight’s debate and the important work we are doing to bring change to the people of Guam.

“No, I am not sure what important work that is. He is a vice president at Auto Spot so except for the fact that he’s helped place people in cars I am not entirely sure what important work he is being distracted from doing,” said Torres.

Meanwhile Adelup has issued a statement denying the allegations of Lieutenant Governor Ray Tenorio’s alleged drug use stating, “If the media were to find this unnamed individual and ask them about this account, I assure they would find that no such incident occurred.”

“Any insinuation or allegation that I ever smoked ice is absolutely false. We have all seen the devastating effects ice has on our families and our community and that is why I have been a strong proponent of the work local and federal law enforcement are doing to combat this deadly drug.”  declared the Lieutenant Governor.

“Mr. Torres’ baseless allegations against his former employer, co-workers, sitting judges, bank executives and respected members of the community have only escalated in recent days, yet these allegations have no basis in fact.It is clear that Troy needs help to address what he called his demons. However, this does not excuse his reckless and slanderous behavior.” stated Adelup.

When the allegations surfaced, it was insinuated that Torres was attempting to sabotage the political candidates so that Gubernatorial candidate Dennis Rodriguez campaign would succeed, Torres was the campaign manager for the Rodriguez Cruz 2018 team but he says that’s not the case.

“Well I am not anymore, and perhaps one of the biggest mistakes these campaigns made was to take me away from the leash that I was on when I was working for a gubernatorial campaign. I mean now I am not working for anybody so I can say whatever the hell I want to say and I am going to tell the truth about everything, because well I just don’t have any choices at this time,” warned Torres.

With all the allegations made against public figures, he shares he feels as though a weight has been lifted off his shoulders and welcomes any litigation that may arise.

“I welcome a lawsuit of defamation of character, that means they have to prove it,” stated Torres.

According to Torres, the Calvo-Tenorio administration was aware of his “on again off again” drug use which involved ice. He claims that they didn’t care adding that other staff members were also doing drugs.

“By the way I did not know, I remember asking Troy because there were rumors. I will not stand for drug use. We’ve had in my administration random drug testing of agencies but also Adelup,” stated Governor Eddie Baza Calvo.

Governor Calvo told Patti this morning on K57’s mornings with Patti, that if he had known he would have fired Torres on the spot.