Adelup disappointed over Disaster Aid Bill voting delay

(From the United States House of Representatives )

Guam – A bill provision that may help funding for Guam Medicaid patients is pending final vote on the US Congress floor.

After the Senate approved the Disaster Aid Bill last week, the legislation was not able to reach a final vote after a legislator made an objection to hold the vote.

The bill has a provision that would increase Guam’s Federal Medical Assistance Percent from 55 to 100 percent, removing the local match requirement for Guam to pull from ACA funds.

Texas representative Chip Roy, performed a procedural objection, citing his concerns about passing a bill that would spread “$19 billion of taxpayer money” without a majority of Congress present.

Roy’s second concern was that the bill would do nothing to contribute to the “emergency and humanitarian crisis we have at our southern border.”

Adelup expressed their disappointment in the stalling of the bill. However, they remain optimistic that Congress will pass the measure. In the meantime, the governor’s office will be urging Guam Delegate Michael San Nicolas to support the bill.

The disaster aid bill is set to advance when the House of Representatives reconvenes in the first week of June.