Adelup eyes short-term shelter for homeless

Based on the final data reports, there are a total of 682 unsheltered homeless persons on Guam in 2020. (PNC file photo)

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been multiple notices advising people to wash their hands and sanitize frequently touched surfaces.

However, not everyone has access to soap, disinfectant wipes, or even a place to stay, which is why the Government of Guam is working to help the island’s homeless population.

During a remote news conference today, Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero said that while the island’s manåmko have been identified as more susceptible to the disease, homeless people are also a vulnerable part of the population.

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“Throughout this struggle, we have said that our manåmko are our most vulnerable population. But there are others, as well. No one can practice good hygiene, keep clean, or regularly wash their hands if they don’t have a safe place to sleep. That is why Josh and I asked our team to develop a short-term shelter for the homeless,” the governor said.

The Governor says that no plans or details about potential locations for the shelter have been finalized yet and that GovGuam is looking into shelter options that are rapidly deployable and cost-effective.