Adelup planning response to Navy’s denial of pause; Activists to hold rally protesting Admiral’s decision

(PNC file photo)

It appears that the Leon Guerrero – Tenorio administration is cooking up a response to the Navy’s denial of a request for a pause to the clearing and construction of the Live Fire Training Range on Northwest Field.

Although Adelup has not yet responded to the Navy’s denial for a pause on military construction requested by Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero, acting governor Josh Tenorio disclosed during an interview with Patti Arroyo on K-57 that our Maga’Haga may have something up her sleeve.

“We’re still looking at it. But I can tell you the governor has a lot of things that she is considering I will tell you that, so stay tuned,” Tenorio said.

“I don’t think this is an issue that will be resolved just because we got that letter, I’ll just say that,” he added.

According to Tenorio, it’s about considering all options and a different approach, adding that such a response from Rear Admiral Shoshana Chatfield only prompts the administration to consider other strategies that will ensure that there is some attention afforded to the issue that is being raised by various members throughout our community.

Meanwhile, a call to action has been raised by cultural and environmental activist group Prutehi Litekyan. The group is planning a rally on Wednesday in response to the Navy’s denial of a pause on the LFTRC at Tailalo’.

As written on their flyer for the protest rally: “Calling all land defenders, water protectors and people for peace – to join us for a protest to rise up in protection of our home. It is unacceptable that admiral Chatfield denied the Governor’s Request to pause construction on the Fire Range. Fakmata.”

The protest will be held at I Maga’lahen Kepuha Loop in Hagatna on July 10 at 5:30 pm.

In response to this, the Acting Governor stated: I am very much in support of people expressing what they need to do and what they wanna do and how they are expressing to their government. I am part of that leadership and there are others with different opinions so for us I think it’s about reconciling all these different public interests and strategizing what the next step for us will be.”