Adelup provides documents to support decrease in crime claims


Governor’s Office provides the reports cited in the governor’s address which indicated a decrease in crime rates.

Guam – At the beginning of the year the Governor’s weekly address indicated that there is a downward trend in crime rates and that the Mandana Drug Task Force (MDTF) is responsible for keeping over 1 million dollars in drugs of the island’s streets.

While the Governor’s address indicated a downward trend has been seen during the tenure of the administration as you can see in the data provided crime rates have fluctuated over the course of last 7 years. It is accurate to state, however, that as compared to 2011 which shows a total crime volume at 8912, crime in 2017 has decreased to 8416. It is important to note that crime rates for 2017 are up to October 2017 and do not take into account November or December which historically have proven to be a period of increased criminal offenses annually.

“We looking at the data bottom line is crime has decreased, GPD has done a really good job of pulling together data driven policing to ensure that they have the right people doing the right things so that we continue to crack down on illegal activity on this island. So when you look at the data I think the data also includes the increased reporting that you see as a result of the cracked down on drug use whether its in the work place, we have seen a number of drug rings taken down arrests made in those areas and the reports that are generated from those sometimes lead to other reports,”states Governor’s Spokesperson Oyal Ngirairkl.

Crime has gone down despite an increase in arrests by special task forces such as the Mandana Drug Task Force, as a result of decreased crime rates in other areas.
So Let’s take a look at the data from 2016 and 2017, for example Forcible Rape has gone down from 104 reported in 2016 to 72 reported in 2017 but Aggravated assaults in 2016 went up from 156 to 213. But over all crime volume total in 2016 went down from 9957 to 8416, showing a slight drop in crime for 2017.

As stated in the Governor’s address this decrease in crime has been attributed to the creation of the MDTF. It was in February that the the task force was created and within a matter of 10 months has reportedly seized over 1 million dollars in drugs.

According to the report obtained from the Governor’s Office, for methamphetamine a total of 805.197 grams were seized this is equivalent to $401,098.50 dollars in just ice. For Marijuana 13,607 grams were seized a cash value equivalence of $453,566.00 and prescription drugs is reported as $21,807.50. That would mean the actual total amount of drugs seized was $876,472.00 not over 1 million as reported. However, if you add the currency seized to the equation then the total amount of drugs and money confiscated would equate to $1,105,472.00.

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