Adelup pushes education priorities; wage study for teachers proposed

Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero (PNC file photo)

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero has reiterated her administration’s education priorities, including a plan to conduct a wage study for teachers and nurses.

In her latest regular monthly address, the governor said her administration remains committed to working with the Guam Department of Education to rebuild Simon Sanchez High School.

“We have taken crucial steps to help GDOE build a new Simon Sanchez High School, and pay teachers what they’re worth,” the governor said.

As the FY2020 budget process moves forward, the governor said her administration is also committed to a budget that works for teachers and students.

“Our FY2020 budget proposal includes funding for a wage study for teachers and nurses. No one who says children are Guam’s future can deny the role and influence a good teacher can have in that child’s life,” the governor said.

But the governor also said that education is about more than just adequate funding, it’s also about making schools a safe space for children to learn. Earlier this year, the administration created the school safety task force, bringing parents, educators and law enforcement together to combat crime in and around schools and to stand up to bullying.

“Parents and educators, and students themselves are the experts on the daily atmosphere in schools. They know how to look for signs of bullying, abuse, illegal substances, and threatening or suspicious activity. So we took your feedback and suggestions because we value your input. I look forward to the task force’s final report and making these solutions real for our school communities,” the governor said.

She added: “And our mission should always focus on the successful education of the student so that we can address the struggle we face in reaching educational benchmarks.”