Adelup responds to GOP call for cuts in executive department’s budget

(PNC file photo)

The Leon Guerrero-Tenorio administration has responded to the Republican Party of Guam’s statement calling for a cut in the executive department’s budget.

The GOP is asking for Governor Lou Leon Guerrero, her senior staff, and all appointed members of her Cabinet to lead by example and take at least a 10% cut in their salaries as Guam attempts to overcome an unprecedented economic crisis which will take years to overcome.

In response, governor’s policy director Carlo Branch said Adelup has long led by example, with the Leon-Guerrero administration running Adelup on the smallest budget in nearly a decade.

Additionally, Branch said the Governor’s revised proposal for FY 2021 general fund revenues is $22 million less than the current year and about $60 million less than FY 2017, representing the single lowest general fund estimate since FY 2014.

“The math speaks for itself—we are doing far more with much less. The GOP just talks about it. If we lead by the last eight years of Republican example, we’d take a 10% pay cut and then illegally give it back after the election, we’d take from child support, and rob the E-911 fund. That’s leadership by the wrong example,” Branch said.

Branch also said education and information are two of the best weapons Guam has against COVID-19.

“The fact that they would want to leave public health outreach efforts outgunned and undermanned says more about them than it does about us,” Branch said.