Adelup responds to Republican ‘reality check’ attack


The Office of the Governor has issued the following statement in response to the Republican Party of Guam’s “reality check” attack released earlier today:

“Just a few hours ago, nearly every Republican senator voted to pass a budget funded in part by a Business Privilege Tax at 5%. It takes a great deal of gall to criticize a tax increase and then vote to spend it. Former Governor Eddie Calvo’s Republican Party took a surplus and turned it into a deficit. He then worked to raise the BPT to 5% because the Trump Tax Cuts and Jobs Act reduced GovGuam’s revenue by more than $65 million—something that continues to hurt government services.

“Now, just months before an election, his GOP hopes you’ll blame Democrats for the stuff they did.

“Under Governor Leon Guerrero, qualified small businesses pay 3% BPT—not 5%. General Fund expenditures are down government-wide, and gone are the days when people in power stole federally protected funds to make payroll.

“As a woman, Governor Leon Guerrero knows you don’t always get credit for cleaning up after others—you just hope they’d lend a helping hand.”