Adelup still ‘hopeful’ H.R. 1365 passes despite San Nicolas controversy

Governor's Chief of Staff Tony Babauta

The administration is still supporting H.R. 1365 and hopeful that it passes Congress despite the current controversy swirling over Congressman Michael San Nicolas.

Introduced by Congressman San Nicolas, H.R. 1365 seeks to make technical corrections to the Guam World War II Loyalty Recognition Act so that funds can finally be disbursed for Guam war claims.

In an interview with Patti Arroyo on NewsTalk K57, Adelup chief of Staff Tony Babauta reiterated the administration’s continuing support for H.R. 1365.

He said H.R. 1365 needs to pass because the money is needed to fully address Guam’s war claims.

There have been fears that the allegations made against San Nicolas may affect the congressman’s standing in Congress and affect the progress of H.R. 1365 and other Guam-related bills.

Babauta said it’s still too early to predict what the fallout in Congress would be. But he said if the issue “matures,” it may be enough to have an adverse effect on how congressional colleagues treat San Nicolas.

Earlier, former congressman Robert Underwood said that based on his past experience in Congress, members who underwent scandals similar to San Nicolas have generally been shunned by their colleagues and kept at a distance.