Adelup still waiting for final US Treasury guidance on use of ARP funds

DOA director Edward Birn (file photo)

The Department of Administration has given an update on unclaimed stimulus checks and the status of American Rescue Plan funds.

Though Guam has been approved for funds from the American Rescue Plan, it is still on hold.

Like many other jurisdictions, Adelup will be submitting comments to the U.S. Treasury after reviewing the final interim rule which came out a few months ago.

The comments are to be submitted to the U.S. Treasury by July 17th.

Department of Administration Director Edward Birn went on air with Newstalk K57’s Patti Arroyo and said that not just Guam but almost every state has a similar issue on how and when it’s appropriate to pay the ARP Funds.

He adds that getting a direct answer from the U.S. Treasury is not easy and even though we have the funding, Guam and the other states are instructed to wait until the final rules come out to know what’s appropriate to spend it on.

“We don’t want to be in the position of spending some money and finding out that it’s an inappropriate way to spend it It’s been deposited. We’ve got the state portion of the funding, it’s been deposited to the bank, it’s earning interest while it’s deposited in the bank. There are a number of projects, right? That should’ve been submitted to the governor which she will consider which is appropriate to spend the ARP money on and that process is going on now. She will be well engaged in the process. So while that’s going on, the money is in the bank, it’s safe. It’s earning interest, and in this respect, we’re no different from any other state or territory who are all in the same position of uncertainty as to the appropriate way to spend these funds,” Birn said.

Meanwhile, Birn said there are still a number of stimulus checks that have yet to be picked up at their office.

“There’s a separate list for the EIP 1 and the EIP 2 . We’ve had people come in here and pick up their check but there’s still some, quite a large number, in fact, who haven’t yet claimed. They might’ve left, maybe they just don’t know about it, because it is a little confusing when you’re entitled to these EIP payments and we hope for the people to come here and pick up their checks because it won’t do anybody good if the checks are just sitting here,” Birn said.

If residents are still waiting for one of the three stimulus checks, they must go to the Department of Administration’s website, find their names, and pick up the check at the Treasury of Guam office.

The list is organized by last name, first name, and village