Administration to issue report on village meetings; will act on issues discussed

The initial public safety village meeting was held in Mangilao to address the machete attacks along University Drive.

The administration will collate all the input and feedback from the various village public safety meetings held and come out with one comprehensive report that lists all the issues discussed.

Carlotta Leon Guerrero, the governor’s chief adviser for military and regional affairs, in an interview with Patti Arroyo on NewsTalk K57, said the report is almost done and the administration is just incorporating the feedback from the latest village meeting.

The last village public safety meeting was held last Wednesday, Sept. 11, at the Agat Mayor’s Office and Community Center.

But Leon Guerrero said there have been calls for another meeting that would discuss issues more specific to the southern part of the island.

The public safety village meetings were originally a response to the machete attack that occurred near the University of Guam campus in Mangilao.

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero called the heads of several GovGuam agencies and other community leaders to gather input on how such crimes could be prevented from happening in the community.

During the meetings, various inputs from the community were received including the need for more communication, the need for more awareness, and the need to educate newer migrants about the rules and regulations of living on Guam.

The FSM community was also able to express its own problems, especially the problem of FSM youths being discriminated in school.

Over time, however, Leon Guerrero said the village meeting expanded beyond the original issues spurred by the machete attack and delved into other critical problems plaguing the island’s villages.

One such issue is the stray dog issue which all villages are dealing with. Another is drag racing and landlords being held accountable for abandoned buildings.

Leon Guerrero said all these issues are being collated and will be listed in a comprehensive report that can be acted upon by the involved agencies.