Adelup to stop Chamorro-only policy at Chamorro Village

Chamorro Village (PNC file photo)

The administration is not sanctioning the changes being made at Chamorro Village and will put a stop to it.

Acting Governor Joshua Tenorio, in an interview with Patti Arroyo on NewsTalk K57, said the “Chamorofication” drive being implemented at the Chamorro Village “is not our lead.”

The Department of Chamorro Affairs, led by director Ann Marie Arceo, has been banning non-Chamorro dances at Chamorro Village and asking tenants to change their names to Chamorro as well as change their offerings to Chamorro products and services.

But Tenorio said this is not what Chamorro Village is all about. Although Adelup supports Arceo’s efforts to promote Chamorro language and culture, Tenorio said the concept for Chamorro Village is more like that of a small business incubator.

When Chamorro Village was first started, Tenorio said its original aim was to help small businesses by providing an affordable venue where they can operate.

And because of the administration’s business-centric view of Chamorro Village, its purview is now being transferred to the Guam Economic Development Authority.

Since the changes have been made at Chamorro Village, Tenorio said Adelup has been receiving complaints from manamko who said they were not being allowed to dance the electric slide.

Chamorro Village tenants have also been airing their complaints to Adelup.

“We are not in the business of forcing culture on people,” Tenorio said, adding that they are concerned about possible legal liability if tenants are forced to change their business names to comply with the new regulations.