Adelup unable to furnish data showing 2017 crime is “trending downward”


The Guam Police Department says they are still working on 2016 Unified Crime Report, in response to our inquiry for the 2017 report.

Guam – In his weekly address, Governor Eddie Calvo claimed that 2017 statistics show that crime rates are trending downward. So PNC reached out to the administration to review statistics on crime, but it appears the claims could not be sufficiently backed up.

“Happy new year, my friends. As we approach 2018 and the years ahead and the future of our ever changing world and island, I want us to take a quick look back at 2017.
In February of this year, I signed the executive order and we created the Mandana Drug Task Force and we are seeing crime rate trending downward. The Mandana Task Force was able to seize over $1 million in drugs, keeping this away from our community and keeping our children safe,” stated the Governor.

A downward trend in local crime rates is a statistic that all countries, states, islands, counties and jurisdictions would welcome with open arms. And as the governor said in his address, since the creation of the Mandana Drug Task Force, the administration has seen crime rates trending downward.

But where is the data to back up the claims?

PNC requested for the 2017 crime rate report, but instead received data for what they called “the overall decreased crime during the tenure of this administration.”

The data we received is from 2010 to 2016 and only takes into account violent crimes. Data for non-violent crimes or overall crimes in 2017 is nowhere to be found, further begging the question, where is the data to back up the claims?

In correspondence with the Governor’s Spokesperson Oyaol Ngirairkl, she states, “As I said, that was information that was relayed to us. What I emailed shows the overall decrease in crime during the tenure of this administration.”

While the data provided by the governor’s office does show a drop in violent crimes from 390 in 2010 to 342 in 2016, it also shows a fluctuating violent crime rate trend during the tenure of the administration. The data does not take into account 2017 crime rates.

So we asked the Guam Police Department for 2017 numbers. But according to GPD Spokesperson Officer AJ Balajdia, they are still working on the 2016 Uniform Crime Report. If this is the case, it would appear that the data provided by the governor’s office attributing any downward trend in overall crime to the creation of the M-D-T-F would be premature.

Ngirairikl later clarified that the data she provided is not related to the governor’s assertions in his weekly address about crime rates being attributed to MDTF. She said the data she sent to us via email was only a snapshot of overall violent crime rates under the current administration.

In the Governor’s address, it was also reported that $1 million worth of drugs were kept off the streets. While keeping $1 million in drugs off the island’s streets is an accomplishment worth boasting about, once again the question is raised, where did the data come from?

As the governor’s office mentioned, the data was relayed to them and no report was received. So we went back to the source, GPD, and according to Balajadia, the department is still working on those statistics.

PNC requested for the report on the amount of drugs seized since MDTF was created on Tuesday and as of news time Friday, we have not received the information requested.

SOURCEJolene Toves
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Jolene Toves
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