Congressman San Nicolas calls in to Moylan forum; says $117M in COVID relief funds are subject to legislative approval


Senator James Moylan held a Community Virtual Forum Wednesday morning to try and find answers to the many questions he’s received about the status of relief programs for the thousands of unemployed and laid off Guam workers.

He invited members of the administration to call in, unfortunately, none of them responded.

During the forum Moylan made phone calls to the Department of Labor and the Department of Revenue and Taxation but no one answered.

However Guam Homeland Security did answer his call. They took his number and promised to get back to him.

One person who did call in was Guam Congressman Michael San Nicolas who said the $117 million in relief funds the administration has now received from the federal government is subject to legislative approval.

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“Those federal dollars, the governor may assert that the legislature doesn’t have authority over that. But the reality is that if one single locally funded GovGuam employee or one single locally funded GovGuam facility or one single locally funded piece of GovGuam equipment is used to manage those federal monies then the local government does have oversight authority on how those local resources are being used to manage federal money. So the legislature absolutely has oversight over how,” San Nicolas said.

Moylan introduced Bill 350 on Wednesday which proposes using some of that $117 million in federal funds to provide immediate financial relief for those who’ve been without paychecks for weeks.

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“If you can give $800 to 20,000 people, which we’re estimating are unemployed, budgeting around $20 million, out of that $117 million … that would really help the people today,” Moylan said.

The senator said the administration has not been responding to his many calls and letters.