Administration submits FY2020 budget, including $750k for cannabis testing


The Leon Guerrero-Tenorio Administration has submitted an FY 2020 Executive Budget request to the Guam Legislature that includes an allocation of $750,000 for the creation of a cannabis testing facility.

Another $150,000 has been set aside for the Guam Autism Center and $1 million for a drug addiction treatment and rehabilitation facility.

The plan anticipates $966.3 million in revenues for FY2020. Out of that number, around $896.14 million will be distributed into the following spending/program categories:

• Education (32%) –  $287.28 million
• Health (12%) – $109.13 million
• Public Safety (14%) – $120.52 million
• Other Agencies (22%) – $198 million
• Set-Aside for Other Branches/Elected Offices (10%)- $87.83 million
• Debt Service (10%) $93.35 million

The administration proposes to take $125 million in income tax refunds off the top before spending is authorized.

The administration is also proposing to lift the freeze on GovGuam employee salary increments. The Executive Budget Request also sets aside 2 percent of General
Fund revenues omitted in the FY 2019 Budget Act and revives the idle Rainy Day Fund.