Administrator assures GMH can handle rise in COVID-19 hospitalizations

Guam Memorial Hospital. (PNC file photo)

The number of COVID-19 cases admitted to Guam Memorial Hospital has been on the rise. GMH administrator Lillian-Perez Posadas, however, says that Guam’s only public hospital is up to the challenge.

There were 40 COVID-19 patients in GMH as of this morning, three more than last night.

14 of those patients are in the ICU and 7 are on ventilators.

Doctors are assessing whether a handful of patients can be transferred to the Skilled Nursing Unit in Barrigada Heights.

Although many may be understandably concerned about the rise, Posadas says GMH has been able to serve the community during previous spikes.

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“Starting latter part of August, early part of September, we were up at 50, even at one point 60, and we managed our patients. We took care of them. We continued to accommodate, to admit even non-COVID patients. We continued to accommodate and serve them in the hospital,” Posadas said.

She added that contractors and U.S. Army personnel are working together to improve the hospital’s capabilities by updating medical equipment and increasing bed capacity.