Admiral dispels rumor of more COVID-19 positive sailors coming to Guam

Admiral John Menoni (PNC file photo)

Joint Region Marianas Commander Rear Admiral John Menoni on Monday afternoon said the medical facility now under construction at South Finegayan should be completed by next week.

He said the field hospital at NCS and the additional bed space created at Naval Hospital were both put up to provide care for the sailors off the USS Roosevelt and ensure support for GovGuam Guam and the CNMI in the fight against COVID-19.

He dispelled rumors that other Navy vessels would be coming to Guam to off-load COVID-19 infected sailors.

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“No. There are no plans to bring any ships to Guam to do COVID-19 response. I confirmed that this morning with the fleet commander. We’re all looking at the same models that the governor’s looking at with respect to the potential curves that could happen out here. So we need to be best postured to support Guam and the CNMI should there be a significant spike in cases and there is a request for support from civilian authorities,” Menoni said.

Menoni also said the process of returning the crew of the Roosevelt to their ship will begin this week.

He called it “the next big milestone in our mission to get the ship safely back out to sea and in defense of our nation.”