Admiral honors veterans, emphasizes unity at UOG Veterans Day virtual event

JRM Commander Rear Admiral John Menoni (US Navy photo)

Rear Adm. John Menoni, commander, Joint Region Marianas, was the guest speaker at the University of Guam (UOG) Veterans Day virtual event on Nov. 11. The event was held to signify the 66th anniversary of the day when Americans around the nation honor service members past and present.

“Today, we remember that the foundation of our great country, our opportunities and the boundless possibilities of our way of life are secured because of the bravery, commitment and patriotism of the men and women who have worn and continue to wear the cloth of our country,” Menoni said.

“Veterans dedicate themselves to support and defend our Constitution in the service of our nation and her people. When called upon, they pack their bags, they leave their families, often deploying into harm’s way for all of us.”

The virtual event, hosted by UOG, in collaboration with the UOG Veteran Student Support Group and the Student Veteran Organization, was attended by various distinguished guests of UOG and from the community.

“Every day but particularly on Veteran’s Day we are deeply thankful to all Veterans who have served and continue to serve our country and its citizens. We salute you for your courage, your commitment and your honorable service,” he said. “Whether you served a single tour or dedicated your life to decades of service, you served with valor and distinction to defend freedom for all Americans, to preserve human rights, and to encourage opportunities for our allies and our partners around the world.”

The Dean of Enrollment Management and Student Success and Dean of Students, Dr. Lawrence Camacho, who is also a veteran, delivered opening remarks for the event. “Our institution is proud of its mission of ‘Ina, Diskubre, and Setbe’ – to enlighten, to discover and to serve,” he said.

Veterans Honored, Unity Emphasized

“Our slogan for this annual celebration continues to be: Together we Serve, and as such, it is appropriate, more than ever, that we continue to work together as a community of supporters, as a community who cares about our Veterans, and an institution of higher learning where Veterans are welcomed to be enlightened, to discover, and to once again serve and contribute to our greater island society,” Camacho continued.

Menoni commended UOG for its extraordinary strides in keeping Veteran students and families engaged. “What they learn from you, their experiences at the university will undoubtedly ensure that they continue to make an impact on the home-front and to improve their lives and that of the community.”

The admiral emphasized unity and his commitment to working with the island community to ensure the beacon of freedom continues to shine. “It takes all of us continuing to serve together, to continue to realize the vision of a free and open Indo-Pacific, that we lead by example and work together as a unified community, that we support our Veterans – those who serve and continue to serve – as well as their families who support our warfighters every step of the way.”

(JRM News Release)