AFT Accountant Julie Hoffsten Finds GFT’s Books In Order


Guam – The American Federation of Teachers Regional Director of Field Services Sol Smith met with Guam Federation of Teachers members Wednesday night. 

Smith says the original intent for this meeting was to vote on GFT’s amendments of their constitution. But the agenda was changed to a general GFT Meeting.  GFT member Carol Somerfleck says, GFT President Matt Rector failed to notified its members about the vote. Other members leaving the meeting suggested that this was Rector’s way to hold on to his position as president.

Smith originally came to Guam to investigate the conclusion on the constitutionality of the vote for the Guam delegates who attended the AFT convention in Seattle this past July. At that time, Smith says he received a complaint from Carol Somerfleck, but he couldn’t address that situation or prevent the delegates from attending the conference. Smith says the only solution at the time was to not allow the Guam delegates to vote on AFT matters.

Another issue that was brought to his attention was GFT’s finances. Smith says an AFT Senior Accountant Julie Hoffsten also came to Guam to look into GFT’s book keeping.  After reviewing the books, Hoffsten didn’t find anything wrong with GFT’s finances.

While on island , Smith met with GFT members who complained about the validity of GFT’s 2008 election for their current officers and the current amendments.  Smith says he has now expanded his investigation and will focus on those issues.

Smith left island early Thursday morning and will submit a formal report to AFT on his findings of Guam.