AFT Finds GFT Violated Its Constitution


Guam – The American Federation of Teachers [AFT] has concluded that the Guam Federation of Teachers [GFT] violated “its constitution and by-laws in its voting for delegates to the AFT convention” last year.

The report also found that the GFT handling of the election of its officers and amendments to the constitution “were not conducted according to the letter of the law.”

Read the summary of the AFT report

The report was compiled by the AFT’s Western Regional Director Sol Smith and sent to GFT President Matt Rector. Dissident GFT member Carol Somerfleck, who has questioned Rector’s leadership of the union, sent copies of  a summary of the report to the media.

However, Smith rejected a complaint from one GFT member who charged he was prevented from running for a union office. Smith wrote the complaint was untimely because it was filled some time after the election and Smith wrote that the member willing signed a document “indicating that he would not run for office.”

And he concluded that “there are no union funds unaccounted for and seemingly no accounting improprieties.”

In her email, Somerfleck writes , “the GFT Executive Officers violated our GFT constitution, not once, not twice, but numerous times.”  And she concludes “It’s time for a change!”