AFT Regional Director Will Meet With Current And Former GFT Members


Guam – American Federation of Teachers Regional Director of Field Services Sol Smith arrives on Guam tonight [Tuesday] and he’ll be here until  next week Wednesday. He’ll be meeting with various current and former members of the Guam Federation of Teachers.  And both GCC Union Rep Barry Mead and GFT President Matt Rector are anxious to talk to him.

Mead says he will have a private meeting with Smith on Wednesday. He believes Smith is here because of the number of complaints brought up against GFT President Rector.  He says the issues are not only with the constitution and the bi-laws, but also with the finances of the union itself. There’s been a lot of allegations made about the condition of GFT’s finances.

According to Mead, he made an official written request to both Rector and GFT Treasurer James Lujan, to inspect the books but was denied.

Matt Rector says he invited Smith here to put to rest the false slanderous accusations that were made against him and the GFT.

Rector,”They have come up with all sorts of things like misusing funds, all these illegal things with money and that’s absolutely false. We have been audited multiply times. We know our books are clean. Our auditors proved GFT’s books are clean and the AFT already reviewed and proved our books are clean. Maybe one more review will do it before people will finally shut up because we do things the way we are suppose to.”

Mead says an auditor will accompany Smith to review GFT’s books. He was also assured that this auditor will know where to look.

GCC’s Union also welcomes Smith’s visit because they just completed the process of being their own local.

According to Mead, “We have a local number from the AFT so we know we will be approved. We just signed up 21 new members raising our numbers from 66 to 82.

Mead anticipates that they will have over 80% of their facility as GCC union members. He feels they are getting more people enrolled because GCC left the GFT.  

And how does Rector feel about the new GCC union, “Well its something that they wanted to do for a long time. I feel sorry for them. I dont think its the right thing to do, but in a democracy people make decisions. I wish them the best.”

Mead says Smith will also meet with GCC facility and visit with the folks that will lead the GCC union. The GCC union decided to hold the election for their officers this April.

And when asked if he would run for union president Mead says, “There’s a nomination process and you have to be nominated. If someone nominates me and I if get elected, I guess I will me serve my last two years before I retired as a president instead as a chair.”