AFT Rep Will Try To Untangle GFT Mess


Guam – A representative from the American Federation of  Teachers [AFT] arrives on Guam Tuesday. AFT Western Regional Director Sol Smith is coming to look into a series of issues surrounding the Guam Federation of  Teachers.

GFT President Matt Rector has said he asked Smith to come to Guam.

Other GFT members say they have also called on Smith to look into their complaints against the GFT Executive Council and Union President Rector himself.

Smith will be meeting with Rector as well as Carol Somerfleck who is the leader of a dissident group of GFT members. And Smith will also meet with former GFT Field Representative Robert Koss, and GCC Union Rep Barry Mead who recently led GCC’s union members out of the GFT in order to create their own local under the AFT.

Smith will be looking at the recent cancellations of  GFT memberships, the use of union dues,  the conduct of elections and recent amendments made to the GFT Constitution.

Smith plans on reporting his findings to a  GFT General Membership meeting next week Wednesday.