After landmark victory, Davis now seeks to recoup attorneys’ fees


Arnold “Dave” Davis’ attorney, J. Christian Adams, is seeking an extension of the deadline to submit a bill of costs for the lawsuit.

Guam – He just won a landmark decision in federal court on Guam’s plebiscite and now Dave Davis is attempting to recoup attorneys’ fees.

Exactly how much Davis and his attorneys will be seeking is not yet clear but his legal counsel, J. Christian Adams, filed a motion to extend the deadline to file a bill of costs. The deadline is currently set for April 7 but Adams says that given the complexity of the case and the number of years it took to litigate, not to mention the fact that it went through the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals as well, he’ll need more time to determine those costs.

Last week, Chief District Court Judge Frances Tydingco-Gatewook ruled in Davis’ favor ruling that the island’s decolonization registry for a political status plebiscite is discriminatory in nature. Davis, a caucasian man who no longer resides on the island, sued GovGuam because he was denied registration when he attempted to register for the decolonization registry which was only open to “native inhabitants” of Guam.

You can read the court documents by clicking on the file below.