After nearly 2 years of denials, first set of H-2B workers arrive on Guam

Guam's construction industry will get almost half a bilion dollars worth of projects thanks to the passage of the NDAA. (PNC file photo)

Guam – The first set of H-2B workers have arrived on Guam after a nearly two-year-long hiatus of visa approvals from the federal government which halted the program because of suspected systemic abuse.

Adelup announced that about 30 skilled labor workers arrived this morning and are being processed through the Guam Department of Labor.

The workers were among the first applicants approved by the USCIS and hired by construction contractor PHC Corporation, however, they were approved to work on military projects under an exemption in the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act. According to Adelup, last week, there were zero H-2B workers on Guam.

Governor Calvo, meanwhile, fresh off the heels of a rare face-to-face meeting with the president, says he’s confident in President Trump’s commitment to Guam’s economy.

“For me, it’s, I feel the way things are going, you know, we’re finally getting H-2B workers coming in the next week, about 50 of them, and you’re going to see this constant wave of workers coming in–thank you Mr. President, because, again, we’re seeing this looseing of, hopefully, our labor shortage,” said Calvo. “But I also see a president that is focusing on what’s good for the economy of the United States. And what’s good for the economy of the United States also is good for the economy of Guam.”

Guam is still waiting for the arrival of nearly a thousand more H-2B workers who were also approved under the NDAA exemption for military construction projects.