AG alleges couple broke into isolation facility; misdemeanor charges filed


The Office of the Attorney General lodged a criminal complaint against a couple, alleging unauthorized entry into an isolation facility and violation of isolation facility rules.

The complaint against Ryan Anthony Taijeron and Brittany Flores will now be reviewed by the court to decide whether the misdemeanor charges are supported by probable cause. If so, the court will issue a summons and schedule a hearing.

“While our Island has made some progress recently, violating quarantine or isolation orders
issued by Public Health creates an unnecessary risk for our loved ones and community,” said Attorney General Leevin Taitano Camacho.

With this complaint, the OAG has initiated criminal proceedings against four individuals for
violating quarantine or isolation orders.

“We continue to emphasize that education and self-regulation are the most effective ways of limiting the spread of COVID-19, but we can and will take criminal action when appropriate.”

Violation of an order to quarantine or isolate – whether at home or a government site – is a
misdemeanor offense punishable by up to one year in prison and up to a $1,000 fine. In some cases, a civil compromise may be available which could include payment to Public Health.