AG candidates answer questions from rotarians in final push before election


Guam – The candidates for Attorney General are using perhaps their last opportunity to address their future constituents in a forum held today.

The Rotary Club of Guam hosted an attorney general forum where all three candidates, Leevin Camacho, Gary Gumataotao and Doug Moylan, delivered opening remarks and answered questions from rotarians.

One of the first questions posed: What is the first thing you will focus on and will drive your office if elected?

Here are their answers:

“The one thing that I wanna do if I’m elected is to improve communication across the areas of the Office of the Attorney General. One of the most common questions that I have received on the campaign trail is what exactly does the AG do. Everyone is familiar with child support, people are familiar with crimes, but then there are six total divisions that make up the Office of the Attorney General now, right? And the fact that people don’t know what the AG does means that we haven’t done a good enough job communicating to the public what the attorney general does. So we have procurement, we need to do more outreach because the biggest complaint you can make against an attorney is that they don’t communicate with you in time and they’re not getting back to you when you have a question,” said Camacho.

“I believe that it’s a matter of making the office people centric and making it more transparent and accountable to the people. So one of the first things I’m gonna do is make sure that the lines are open, that everybody has a direct number to call somebody at the AG’s office, so no more telephone purgatory, and we start doing town halls where the AG is actually responsible to have to answer to the public. So the buck stops here,” was Gumataotao’s answer.

“The single most important job the AG has is the enforcement of the law and under that umbrella, you’ll see the laws that are passed by our legislature which are supposed to be for the good of our community. The community will improve. And when you say enforce the law you mean criminal and civil. If I was given a choice, the most important thing is our protection of our community, each person in the community, which obviously would be the criminal side. In the AG’s history, enforcement of the law, protection of the community has always been the key and major duty of the attorney general,” said Moylan.