AG Candidates Debate At Rotary Club


Guam – The Rotary Club of Guam held a debate for the Guam Attorney General candidates Thursday. After the primary election two of the three candidates advanced and now attorney Lenny Rapadas and Frank Gumataotao will square off in the general.

The debate was hosted by K-57’s Ray Gibson. Both candidates began with a 15 minute introductory speech with Lenny Rapadas going first.

“Public safety is my prime reason why I’m running for attorney general. The community has to know that it is safe from violent crime illegal drugs and government corruption and I pledge to do my best to use my experience as a U.S. Attorney, assistant attorney general, and chief prosecutor for almost 22 years to do that,” said Rapadas.

Frank also known as Gary Gumataotao says that no one who commits a crime will be spared if he is elected AG not even his own father, Piti Mayor Ben Gumataotao. “He’s a little guy about 82 years old who likes to go around hitting people you know when I saw that on TV I was absolutely horrified at that and I said you know I’m running for attorney general I said so what do you think that’s gonna do with my image with the public he says I don’t care I said well I care because if I was the A.G. I’d have you arrested, I said, because even though your my father you don’t get away with it nobody does,” said Gumataotao.

Both candidates were asked what they thought was the greatest criminal threat to the people of Guam. Rapadas said, “The greatest threat I believe right now at this moment is all the crimes and threats against our children there are many many predators out there that prey on our kids and they not only can get them in the streets and schools they can get to them in their bedrooms they can go into their computers and get into the systems and they can lure the kids out of the room and take them away from your very homes and harm them.”

Gumataotao said there are two major crimes that he believed were the greatest threat to Guam, “The first one is the meth problem you know we don’t hear a lot about it but meth is a serious problem on this island and I can’t for the life of me figure out why. Why is it if we live on an island that we’re getting meth we don’t grow meth and meth labs are easy to find so how is it that meth has come to this island why is that we have a murder like the Limtiaco girl had she suffered she absolutely suffered a horrendous death they tortured her before they killed her and it was all because of meth and nothing was done about it absolutely nothing and the problem continues the feds have serious money here and they have not applied it to kill the problem,” he said.

The other major threat to Guam according to Gumataotao is white collar crime. Both candidates were also asked their opinions on Obama’s healthcare reform act. Both admitted that they hadn’t read the entire bill and they would need to review it further.