AG Denies Dr. Jospeh’s Allegations That It is “Covering-Up” Allegations Against GBAHE


Guam – The Guam Attorney General’s office is denying that it is engaged in a cover-up of allegations of wrong-doing at the Guam Board of the Allied Health  Examiners [GBAHE].

Dr. Joseph has made allegations against various members of the Board as well as against the Attorney General’s office and Assistant Attorney General David Highsmith.

In a release, the Attorney General also defended Attorney David Highsmith for his conduct in advising the GBAHE. Citing his service as a former ethics prosecutor, the AG states that Highsmith “has been professionally responsible in the performance of his duties and job as an Assistant Attorney General.”  

The AG’s release also states that Attorney General John Weisenberger and the AG’s Office “take seriously the allegations made by Dr. Joseph and invites him to make contact with … criminal investigators of the Prosecution Division,” and the AG “will also refer him to the proper federal law enforcement authorities.”