AG, justice chair prepare to tackle tax collections

L-R: Attorney General Leevin Camacho and Sen. Therese Terlaje (D)

Guam – He may be Leevin, but he ain’t leavin’ no taxes on the table. According to Democratic Senator and Justice Committee Chairwoman Therese Terlaje, even within his first couple of weeks in office, elected Attorney General Leevin Camacho is squarely behind local Democrats’ sweeping commitment to tax enforcement and collection.

Terlaje reports that she and Camacho have threshed out the AG’s plans to help the Dept. of Revenue and Taxation with collections. The two reportedly also discussed the propriety of Open Government Law training sessions for GovGuam, boards, and commissions – as well as regularizing updates on civil litigation cases.

During the FY19 budgeting session last fiscal year, then-Vice Speaker Terlaje successfully advocated for the inclusion of additional funds for the assignment of an AG’s Office tax attorney to DRT. According to a news release from Terlaje’s senatorial office, Attorney General Camacho has announced that tapping a tax lawyer is a priority and that he’s already begun working with Rev & Tax on a plan of action to do so.

The release from the senator’s office states that Terlaje and Camacho also will open the way to hire more prosecutors for the Attorney General’s Office.

Sen. Terlaje is the chairperson of the Committee on Health, Tourism, Historic Preservation, Land and Justice and wields legislative oversight over Office of the Attorney General. As the 35th Legislature’s highest vote earner at the outset of island lawmakers’ newest term, she enjoys the 15-member deliberative body’s directest and most popular mandate.

“I am excited to work with General Camacho and his experienced team of deputy attorneys. There is much work to be done, but I am confident we will make progress towards ensuring fairness and justice for the people of Guam,” Terlaje said.