AG: Mark Torre Jr. causing the delay in his own trial

Mark Torre Jr. (PNC file photo)

Mark Torre Jr. insists that his right to a speedy trial was violated and the clock has run out. But according to the Attorney General, there is still time on the clock and it is Torre Jr.’s camp that’s delaying the trial.

Torre Jr. has requested that the case against him be dismissed for failure to bring the matter to trial within the 60-day time period allowed through the assertion of the right to a speedy trial.

But the government contends that almost all the delays have been caused by motions filed by Torre Jr.

The government provided a timeline of events that transpired since the amended indictment against Torre was filed and based on the timeline the government argues that there is still time on the clock — 14 days to be exact.

The opposition to the defense’s motion for dismissal argues that “a defendant must accept some reasonable delay as a consequence of filing a motion but unreasonable delay does not toll the statute.” The government added that the trial clock stopped not only when the defense filed particular motions but also when jury selection began on Jan. 9.

The government also addressed the resignation of Superior Court Judge Michael Bordallo and the court’s inability to find a judge able and available to proceed with taking the case to trial.

According to the government, when the case was re-assigned to Judge Maria Cenzon, she had filed a motion to disqualify herself, leaving it up to the parties to waive the disqualification.

The government states that while they waived the disqualification Torre Jr. did not, pointing out that this delay was solely attributed to Torre Jr.

A hearing is set for Feb. 21.


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Jolene Toves
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