AG Moylan reactivating the White Collar Division


The White-Collar Crime Division was originally introduced by the first AG of Guam, Doug Moylan.

However, those that went into the office after his first run removed the division.

Essentially, this government corruption division focuses on the crime that happens behind the scenes within government officials using taxpayer dollars for personal or unintended use.

In this case, the government of Guam and any corruption whether it’s civil or criminal in nature.

The corruption division has been underway since January 2nd and is one step closer to being fully operational.

As of right now, there is a current commitment between the Public Auditor and the AG’s office to keep the communication up in running when it comes to his work product with him, his auditors, and CPAs put out.

“We have that commitment, we met several times and now it’s a matter of looking at the current reports but also the past reports that might have raised red flags or concerns with the public auditor. We also go outside of what the public auditor does and we’re receiving complaints from the general community on trying to understand whether or not these are actual crimes or whether it’s just bad government and whether the person should be questioned or not employed anymore by the government,” says the Attorney General.

AG Moylan has made it clear that anything the public auditor pushes out to his office is of interest as well as informing members of the community that would like the AG’s office to look into.

Moreover, the division already has a set team of prosecutors and investigators looking at cases.

And according to the Attorney General, Senators have shown their interest and support in making sure the appropriations they make from the legislature are being properly spent and laws are being followed.

“This is all about law enforcement and because you’re dealing with white-collar crimes, it’s something people don’t see any assaults or bloods or guts or anything going on, but it’s hurts you just as much when you don’t have the money for education, health care, or public safety because that money has been funneled off or misspent and that’s why all government in some form should have a government corruption division,” Moylan continued.

Furthermore, Moylan shared with PNC that people have their opinions about him coming back into the office and bringing back the division as well as upholding his promise to be the toughest AG on crime. Ultimately It’s up to the voters how they see it but he will continue to do his job as Guam’s Attorney General and believes that people who may not be following the law should be afraid of this office for the next four years.

“I prefer that people be afraid of our office because the good we intend on doing and not to commit any crimes as oppose to us not having a government corruption division and this sort of crime continuing,” concludes Moylan.

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