AG: No designation needed for plebiscite case to move forward


The Office of the Attorney General has issued a statement, saying a designation from the OAG is not needed for attorney Mike Phillips to move the plebiscite case forward.

The OAG was responding to statements attributed to Phillips that he has not yet been officially designated as Guam’s lead attorney in the case although the governor has asked for his services.

“Although the Office of the Attorney General has represented the government up until this point in the plebiscite case, the governor has hired attorney Mike Phillips based on his request to handle the appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court,” OAG said in a brief statement sent to media.

Because of this, the OAG stressed that no designation is needed for Phillips to start working on the case and that OAG has promptly responded to attorney Phillips’ request for documents.

According to OAG, it has and will continue to facilitate the transition of the plebiscite case.