AG Orders DPW To Inspect All Buses; Mass Inspection Slated for Wednesday Morning


Guam – The Attorney General of Guam has ordered the Department of Public Works to get all of the school buses inspected.

At a meeting this morning [Tuesday] at the Attorney General’s Office DPW officials were told that they could not violate the law requiring school bus inspections.

Deputy DPW Director Jesse Garcia told PNC News this afternoon that a mass inspection will be conducted starting Wednesday morning at 8:30 at the Dededo bus yard.

It was back on August 9th that Garcia issued a memorandum to bus drivers authorizing school buses to be operated without safety inspections until the end of this month.

The purpose of postponing the inspections was to keep enough buses on the road to prevent delays in the pickup of school children and to allow enough time for all the buses to get inspected.

Last week, DPW Director Andy Leon Guerrero said that the buses were safe, even though not all had passed inspection. But the Attorney General disagreed.