AG: Price Gouging Prohibited

Attorney General Douglas Moylan talks with the Pacific News Center on April 24 at his office in Tamuning. Photo by PNC's Leo Hsu

With the declaration of COR 2, and the approach and uncertainties of Typhoon Mawar, the Office of the Attorney General of Guam reminds the public that during times of emergency Guam law requires the following from merchants and landlords:

  • Price Gouging Prohibited: merchants & landlords cannot increase the price of goods in advance of a possible disaster (i.e. tropical storm / typhoon)

  • Upon declaration of COR 2, all prices of wholesale and retail goods shall be frozen, and shall be frozen until 72 hours after declaration of COR 4 (5 GCA § 32201(c)(21)(E)

  • Rent can be frozen up to 120 days after a disaster upon executive order of the governor

Penalties to violators shall include:

  • 3 times the gross profits or 5 times amount of overcharges, whichever is greater

As our community prepares, the OAG trusts that the business community and all merchants will not take advantage of people in our time of need. The OAG is prepared to receive complaints. Complaints can be made by visiting the AGO website at, clicking on the “action message” on the home page or by emailing