AG: “Initial Investigation of the Crown Bakery Case Failed to Provide Enough Probable Cause to Link Tedtaotao”


Guam – In response to a request for comment on the dismissal of the charges against Raymond Torres Tedtaotao in connection with last October’s Crown bakery abduction, the Spokeswoman for the Attorney General, Carlina Charfarous issued the following statement.

READ the statement from AG Spokeswoman Carlina Charfarous below:

“Criminal Charges against Raymond Torres Tedtaotao and Corina Blas were dismissed without prejudice on November 16, 2012.”

“The initial investigation of the Crown Bakery case failed to provide enough probable cause to link Tedtaotao and Blas with the kidnapping and robbery of the victim. Additional investigation was needed prior to presenting the charge of 2nd Degree Robbery to the grand jury.”

“However, the assigned prosecutor did believe that there was enough probable cause to charge fraudulent use of credit cards and theft of property.”

“Because the charges were dismissed without prejudice, the Office of the Attorney General may still bring charges against Tedtaotao and Blas.”