AG Responds to Outcry At Simon Sanchez High School


Guam – The recent outcry from Simon Sanchez High School (SSHS) students, faculty members and parents over the inadequate and poor conditions of the decades-old high school, caught the attention of Attorney General Leonardo M. Rapadas, who called for a meeting with some of them on Tuesday, November 12, 2013, to listen to their concerns relating to the deterioration of the school.

In addition to describing the unsafe conditions of the school’s campus, they brought photos that they shared with AG Rapadas, illustrating the health and safety violations. During this meeting, the SSHS students, faculty and parents agreed to provide the AG and his task force with information and data that they are compiling on the schools safety violations.

AG Rapadas then called on regulatory agencies- the Department of Public Health and Social Services, The Guam Fire Department, Guam Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Public Works- who agreed to meet with the AG and revive the School Safety Task Force (SSTF) to plan a thorough regulatory safety inspection of the SSHS Campus.

Yesterday, General Rapadas gave a courtesy call to Guam Department of Education Superintendant Jon Fernandez to inform him of his plan to assemble the SSTF and its intention to conduct a site inspection visit to SSHS in the coming weeks. Both parties agreed to meet to discuss working together.

Today, GDOE Superintendant Fernandez, together with his staff, met with AG Rapadas and relayed to him that a temporary shutdown of the SSHS Campus is necessary for purposes of full cooperation with the OAG, regulatory agencies and the Governor’s Office to address the safety concerns of the SSHS community.

AG Rapadas welcomes the actions taken by GDOE Superintendent Fernandez and will be meeting tomorrow with SSTF and DOE to plan out the inspection.