AG response to Dr. Joseph’s Letter


Guam – 

AGO response to Dr. Joseph’s Letter

HAGATNA, Guam – The Office of the Attorney General is issuing this response to the news articles or recent media broadcast story regarding the claims and allegations of wrongdoing that Dr. Joel Joseph made in his letter against certain members of the Guam Board of Allied Health Examiners (GBAHE), as well as against this Office and one of its Assistant Attorneys General.

First, it is important to note that the Office has been puzzled by the fact that it has not as of today been contacted by those media outlets that carried the story about Dr. Joseph’s letter in order to state unambiguously that the Office is not engaged in any cover up involving the GBAHE.

Secondly, Mr. David Highsmith, a former ethics prosecutor has been professionally responsible in the performance of his duties and job as an Assistant Attorney General.

Last but certainly not least, Attorney General John M. Weisenberger and the Office take seriously the allegations made by Dr. Joseph and invite him to make contact with its criminal investigators of the Prosecution Division or vice-versa, and the Office will also refer him to the proper federal law enforcement authorities.