AG reviewing results of CCU pay adjustments audit


The Office of the Attorney General is reviewing the results of the recent Office of Public Accountability audit on the salary adjustments approved by the Consolidated Commission on Utilities.

In an audit released earlier this week, the OPA concluded that the CCU did not comply with the Open Government Law when it discussed and decided on employees’ salaries and bonuses during their executive meetings.

OPA also determined that the CCU violated Public Law 33-123 when it gave bonuses to certain unclassified employees after February 2016.

As a result, the OPA is questioning the validity of $1.3 million in salaries and benefits for GPA and GWA employees.

But in a news release, the AG stated that violation of the Open Government Law is not enough to secure a criminal conviction.

“We share the public’s interest in ensuring that laws are followed … but we are required to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that there was an intention to break the law. As illustrated in a recent criminal case, it is a challenge to prove intent when actions are taken either in the presence of or under the guidance of legal counsel. We are reviewing the Office of Public Accountability’s audit and determining what remedies are available which include civil, criminal, or administrative action,” the AG stated.