AG Says Review of Rules for Medical Marijuana Won’t be Done Until End of Year


The Draft Rules and Regs were given to the Attorney General by Public Health.

Guam – It could take until the end of the year before the AG will issue any comments on the final draft of Guam’s medical marijuana law.


The Attorney General’s office issued a press release acknowledging receipt of the final draft from the Department of Public Health and Social Services.  But it could take until the end of the year until the public can see any part of the regulations as public health has refused to provide PNC a copy of the rules and regulations. The attorney general says that they will review each section of the 151-page document and they hopes to have it complete by the end of the year. But even then, that’s not guaranteed, the attorney general states, “a lot of hard work has gone into the development of the draft rules and regulations thus far, and we appreciate the department’s efforts. Absent any problems or issues, we hope to complete our review before the end of the year.” The first public hearing on the proposed rules and regulation was back on July 29.