AG Says Prison Food Concerns Have Been Resolved


DOC plans to reinstate a commissary for prisoners to use.

Contrary to reports from prisoners that prison food is affecting their health, Department of Corrections Medical Director Dr. Raja Saad says the weight loss the detainees suffered was not because of what they were eating in prison.


In fact, in a report filed in District Court, the Attorney General’s Office says prison food issues have been resolved since a hearing held earlier this month. During that hearing, several detainees complained about the food, saying it was unacceptable.

Chief Judge Frances Tydingco-Gatewood, from the bench, even had a bite, and agreed to some degree that it lacked nutritional value.

But Assistant AG Kathy Fokas says she met with the DOC Director and food vendor Basil’s Food Service a few days after that hearing and they agreed that food quality has since improved. She says some of those same prisoners who filed complaints have given positive feedback since the hearing.

Fokas also says that DOC is now looking to reinstate a commissary.