AG Sues Governor and Rev & Tax Over Re-Issuance of Licenses on “Illegal Gaming Machines”


Guam – As threatened, the Guam Attorney General Friday filed suit in Superior Court against the Governor Eddie Calvo and Rev & Tax [DRT] Director John Camacho over the re-issuance of  216 licenses on devices the AG maintains are illegal gambling machines.

The action taken by the AG is a “Complaint for Declaratory Judgement.” 

In it, Deputy Attorney General Pat Mason states that  this controversy is “a very important public policy concerning whether electronic gaming devices can be legally operated on Guam.” 

READ the lawsuit filed by the Guam Attorney General against the Governor and Rev & Tax Director HERE   

He argues that “Guam law unequivocally prohibits DRT from licensing gambling devices.

The Governor and DRT Director have maintained that the devices are legal gaming machines authorized under regulations approved by the Guam Legislature for their operation.

But Mason writes that “there is an explicit conflict between the regulations and the law,” and  “because the law and the regulation conflict, the law must be followed.”

Mason asks the Court to declare that “the gaming regulations are void and lack any force or effect.”