AG Thanks Governor For Response to Conditions at Simon Sanchez


Guam – Guam Attorney General Leonardo Rapadas issued the following statement in response to Governor Calvo’s order to have Simon Sanchez High School inspected today:

Attorney General Leonardo M. Rapadas thanks the governor for moving with alacrity regarding the inspection of the Simon Sanchez school campus.  “We share the same concern in seeing that it is a safe learning environment for our kids and a safe working environment for the many teachers and staff,” said Rapadas.

At the meeting held at the Office of the Attorney General with the various agencies, such as Department of Public Health and Social Services (DPHSS), Guam Environmental Protections Agency (GEPA), Department of Public Works (DPW) and the Guam Fire Department (GFD), Rapadas stressed addressing every issue brought out by the Simon Sanchez stakeholders, but issues discovered in previous inspections.  “We (the task force) want to be as thorough as possible so we don’t have to go back again for the same problem,” said the Attorney General.  The meeting was also intended to develop a game plan to include the Guam Department of Education’s input.

The plan included collecting as much information as possible from all sources to include the Sanchez teachers and students and for the various agencies to prepare for the inspection by staging the necessary supplies and equipment and reaching out to other agencies that may also assist in the inspection.  GDOE had planned to temporarily close the Simon Sanchez campus and allow the inspection task force to complete their work uninterrupted on November 25.  “With the work starting ahead of schedule, the Office of the Attorney General is ready to do what is necessary to make Simon Sanchez safe,” said Rapadas.