AG Urges GovGuam Agencies to Submit ARRA Procurements Requests ASAP


Guam – The deadline for government of Guam agencies to obligate most of the American Recovery Reinvestment Act (ARRA) stimulus grant funds is September 30. Attorney General Leonardo M. Rapadas notified Governor Edward J. B. Calvo in a letter that ARRA funded procurement solicitations exceeding $500,000, and all ARRA funded contracts of government of Guam line agencies shall be subject to the review deadline requirements of the Office of the Attorney General.  

Due to the complexity of the various ARRA grant project requirements associated with this funding, and in anticipation of delayed submissions by the government of Guam agencies, the Office of the Attorney General is compelled, under the circumstances, to impose its’ own deadlines.  They are as follows:

1. ARRA procurement solicitations and documents whose value exceeds $500,000 must be submitted to the Office of the Attorney General by no later than July 15, 2011.

2. All other ARRA contracts and concomitant procurement documents must be submitted to the Office of the Attorney General by no later than August 15, 2011.

Attorney General Rapadas expressed his appreciation for the assistance given by the Offices’ of the Governor and Lt. Governor to hire an ARRA-funded Assistant Attorney General that will work closely with all agencies to assist with the reviews.  

“I want to ensure that we make the most of the opportunities afforded to Guam via the ARRA grant funds,” said Attorney General Rapadas.