Agababa Indicted for Aggravated Murder in Death of His Mother Shelly Bernstein


Guam – 26 year old Allan Aloan Agababa has been indicted for the murder of his mother, 55 year old Shelly Bernstein. 

Bernstein was  found dead in her bed at her Tamuning apartment shortly after midnight on Tuesday August 13th. She was a United Airlines flight attendant. Medical Examiner Dr. Aurelio Espinola concluded that she died from blunt force trauma to her head.

Agababa was arrested for Aggravated Murder on August 26, the same charge he was indicted on Thursday.  As a result of the indictment, Court Spokesman Josh Tenorio said Agababa’s preliminary hearing originally scheduled for today [Friday], has been cancelled. Agaba will be arraigned on the Aggravated Murder charge in Superior Court next Wednesday, September 11.

READ the Indictnment HERE

At his Magistrate hearing on August 27th, Prosecutor David Rivera said Agababa was a flight risk because he holds duel U.S. and Israeli citizenship and because he has a business in Thailand.  He has been held on a $1-million dollar cash bail.

READ the Magistrate report HERE (7th case down)

“Initially the cause of death appeared to be a gunshot wound to the head,” states the magistrate’s report, “but in a subsequent autopsy it was found to be the result of a single blunt force trauma to her head.”

The report also notes that there were “no signs of forced entry, no rummaging consistent with burglary and no signs of struggle.”

Medical Examiner Dr. Aurelio Espinola also concluded that Bernstein “appeared to be sleeping when she was attacked” and that her body “appeared to be staged to conceal the wound.”

In addition, Dr. Espinola found 6 medical adhesive patches on Bernstein’s body. The patches contained the opiate “Fentanyl” which Bernstein had a prescription for to treat her chronic back pain. However Dr. Espinola determined that the 6 patches on her body would have resulted in an overdose. 

Agababa is Bernstein’s eldest son and he told police that he left the apartment breifly at 11:30 Monday night and returned at midnight.

“It was later discovered that Agababa was in financial distress,” states the Magistrate report and that “Ms. Bernstein had been supporting him.”

The report also says that Agababa had contacted United Airliens personnel, a few hours after her death, to ask about his mother’s death benifits.