Agana Archdiocese searching Archbishop Byrnes replacement; requesting prayers

Archbishop of Agana Michael Byrnes delivers the homily at the "pallium Mass" during which he was officially conferred with a sacred pallium bestowed by Pope Francis. The Most Rev. Novatus Rugambwa, D.D., the Apostolic Delegate to the Pacific Ocean conferred the pallium to Archbishop Emeritus Byrnes on behalf of Pope Francis. Photo courtesy of AOA

The Archdiocese of Agaña will be doing a Universal Prayer at Masses to include prayers for Archbishop Emeritus Michael Byrnes and selection of a new archbishop.

Many on Guam and abroad have been praying for former Archbishop Michael Byrnes of Agana, who resigned as Archbishop of Agaña.

Following an extended leave to aid health issues in July 2022, Byrnes made the decision to resign from his role and appointed Vicar General Father Romeo Convocar as the Apostolic Administrator of the Archdiocese of Agana.

And now, beginning May 7, the Archdiocese will include regular prayer intentions for Archbishop Emeritus Michael Byrnes at Masses celebrated on the island along with prayers for a new, holy shepherd to be chosen for Guam.

In March, Pope Francis appointed Father Romy to lead the Archdiocese as Apostolic
Administrator until a permanent archbishop is selected.

Francis said he had accepted the resignation of Archbishop Byrnes while Father Romy appointed Father Mike Crisostomo, the Delegate of the Apostolic Administrator, back on April 3.

Crisostomo, the now Delegate of the Apostolic Administrator, also wrote a letter to all pastors and parochial administrators this week.