GovGuam Agencies & Businesses Discuss Residual Pesticide Concerns


Guam- Concern with residual pesticides on Guam’s fruits and vegetables has brought several agencies and businesses together again.

Guam Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Eric Palacios says it’s been over 5 years since they organized a meeting with local supermarket operators, restaurant owners and distributors. He mentions they were at Adelup this morning [Thursday] to educate them on potential health concerns, how to detect if residual pesticides are present and provide information on organic farming methods. They also listened to presentations by Guam EPA, Department of Public Health, Department of Agriculture and the University of Guam.

Palacios says it’s important to standardize fruit and vegetable handling practices throughout Micronesia.

“The importation of produce isn’t just limited to asian markets and the U.S.” said Palacios. “We also get importations of produce from Palau, and the FSM. So it’s important that our efforts locally are somewhat mirrored in those jurisdictions as well. And hopefully, the same standards apply because ultimately, the end user is us here on Guam.”

Palacios adds they plan to make it appoint to meet twice a year and more outreach efforts are underway.