Agent Orange Confirmed Usage on Guam


Agent Orange is confirmed to have been used on Guam.

President Biden has signed a federal law that acknowledges the use of the toxic herbicide Agent Orange on Guam.

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The signing of the federal law follows many years of harmful effects on veterans on the island and overseas who were exposed to the toxin.

Reporting more on the federal law is PNC’s Devin Eligio with President Biden’s address…
President Biden stated, “We owe you. You’re the backbone. You’re the steel. You’re the very fiber that makes this country what it is.”

Yesterday, President Joe Biden signed the Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxins Act of 2021 into law.

Otherwise known as the PACT Act, the law expands and extends eligibility for veterans healthcare — particularly those who were exposed to toxins as an effect of open burn pits.

President Biden said, “We only have one true obligation: to equip those we send into harms way to care for them and their families when they come home.”

Some of the diseases associated with open burn pits and other toxins include:

Asthma that was diagnosed after service of the veteran.
Head cancer of any type
Respiratory cancer of any type

Just to name a few of the long list of cancers that many of these veterans endure.

In March, Congressman San Nicolas appeared before Senate to advocate for the Honoring Our Pact Act, a bill which the Congressman co-sponsored.

The bill intended to create eligibility for veterans present from 1962 to 1980 to pursue claims, among other aims.

San Nicolas said, “The late Lonnie Kilpatrick died from his exposures to Agent Orange and my bipartisan colleague Gus Bilarakis and I introduced a bill to address that exposure and this legislation that we’re talking about today will get that done.”

His bill was eventually advanced into the U.S. Senate for consideration this past summer.

Veterans or Survivor who was affected by Agent Orange, can file claims now to apply for PACT Act-related benefits at VA.GOV/PACT

Devin Eligio
Reporting for the Pacific News Center