A.G.’s Office Says Roberto Must Be Re-Confirmed


Guam – The Attorney General’s Office has issued an opinion on the Re-instatement of Department of Public Health and Social Services Director Peter Roberto.

Back in June Senator Frank Aguon Jr. requested an opinion on the status of  Roberto after the Public Health Director voluntarily resigned as Director of DPHSS on May 20th and then was re-instated on May 21st. His one day resignation was meant to allow him to cash out on his annual leave.

Read the AG’s opinion on the need to re-appoint and re-confirm Roberto & Senator Aguon’s Letter to Governor about it

Because of that, the A.G.’s office says that Roberto must be re-appointed and re-confirmed all over again.

Monday, the Governors office released a statement saying they fully intend to re-appoint Roberto and Roberto has agreed to go through legislative confirmation process again as well.

Roberto’s confirmation packet will be immediately submitted to the legislature and until he is re-confirmed the governor has appointed him as the Acting Director of DPHSS.