Parent Files Police Complaint Alleging Teacher at Agueda Forced His Son to Urinate in Trash Can In Class


Guam – Agueda Johnston Middle School Principal Naomi Taitingfong is looking into a complaint from the father of a 12 year old 7th Grade student at the school who alleges that his son was forced by his teacher to urinate into a trash can in front of other students.

The alleged incident is said to have occurred at the school during 4th period Thursday.

The parent, who declined to identify himself called into the Breakfast Show Monday morning to say that he has filed a police complaint about the incident and he is seeking disciplinary action against the teacher.

The parent said that it was the beging of 4th period and his son asked the teacher whether he could go to the bathroom and the teacher responded by saying either go in your pants or go in the trash can.

Taitingfong confirmed that the parent has filed the complaint making the allegation. She also confirmed that an incident occurred, but declined to describe the nature of it.  And she declined to name the parent, student or the teacher.

Principal Taitingfong said she is gathering the facts to determine just what occurred and she will report her findings to the Superintendent’s office when her review has been completed.